Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Rigging Complete & Subsurface Scattering Shaders

So Angela's model got approved finally and I got all the rigging done for both the characters including facial rigging. Now I would start animating. However, before that, I decided to set up the subsurface scattering shaders for both the characters. I took the 2K texture map that I created in ZBrush and brought it to Photoshop to convert various files for the subsurface scatter:

I connected all these various textures into the appropriate shader slots and adjusted the parameters till I was happy. Here's the result with two spot lights:

I used the same techniques for the arms, and here's an extreme result where the skin is super translucent (have yet to adjust the properties of the shader):

Feedback is most welcome regarding whether his skin looks natural or too plastic or any sort of feedback regarding anything.

For the time being, I shall move onto animating FINALLY! :)

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