Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Angela's Father Update

I finished modeling the rest of the body for Angela's father. Along the way, I made the decision of not using cloth simulation as the results given by normal rigging would be suitable for this character.

After modeling all the parts separately, I unwrapped them and brought everything into ZBrush where I started to sculpt. I didn't want to get too hyper on the sculpting, so I tried to be aware of that.

After I was done with the sculpting, I baked all the sculpted details into normal maps and re-exported the low-res meshes to be used inside of Maya. After applying the normal maps, this is what the model looks like:

The details looks slightly toned down, which is exactly what I wanted. I learnt a lot of ZBrush along the way. This would be my first time using this program for proper production work. I've never used it for my personal work either. I got to know and explore the Maya to ZBrush to Maya pipeline with the use of subtools and normal maps.

The most fun part about this process was that many of the meshes for this model is reused. The sweater is modified from Angela's inner torso used as a collision object for cloth. The arms are also Angela's with different proportions. Even the ears are being shared between the father and Angela.

So anyway, I moved onto rigging this guy. I laid out all the bones and control objects. I've yet to bind them and add IKs to the rig.

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