Monday, January 11, 2010

Angela First Look

So this was a terrible frustrating process. But I think I do see a light now.

Based on the feedback given by Alan and the class from the mid point reviews, I made changes on Angela. I took her base mesh into ZBrush to sculpt and exported a normal map out. I also painted her texture by hand in ZBrush. Next problem was the hair. I spent an entire day trying to add dynamic hair to Angela but it kept giving me problems and I couldn't style it properly. I was really loosing my motivation to do things. I decided to try to model her hair, but I couldn't quite get success from that the first time. The second time, I modeled from a sphere and after a few hours, I got the basic shape I wanted and UVed it and brought it to ZBrush to sculpt. Oh, and I added eyebrows to sort of complete her. Here's the first look of a GIRL named ANGELA:

Still have to create the subsurface scattering shader for this girl to give a soft look to her skin.

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