Sunday, January 3, 2010

Father Head Model Update

I'm almost done rigging Angela, including her facial expressions. I'm uploading the screen capture I took of her expressions. I also started work on Angela's father head model.

I finished up the model in Maya and this is what it looks like:

I modified the ears and the neck area. However, I thought I could bring out his features by bringing the mesh into ZBrush and sculpting it there. So I did unwrapped and UVed the meshh and brought it into ZBrush to sculpt. This is what the model looked like after that:

I added definition to the ears, the nose and the area around his upper lip and nose. I exported a normal map, which looked like this:

I exported the model with the lowest level of subdivisions and brought it inside Maya:

Here's the comparison of the sculpted mesh (in beige) and the base mesh (in grey):

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