Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Night Lighting - Look Development

This is my first time doing night lighting. I wanted to go for an overall moonlit feel since there was no source of light to illuminate the set. This is one of the shots after Angela's father puts out all the lights. From the first shot with the flame in the kerosene lamp, both Alan and my friends felt that the glass of the kerosene lamps were too transparent, so I made them translucent. I used a total of 11 lights for this shot as you can see from the set-up below:

This render took me 8 minutes to render - no compositing. So I need to break it down. Also, no final gather or global illumination was used. Feedback and comments are most welcome.

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  1. lot of thanx neeraj .Iam a fresher in lighting. your works and its making of that was very inspiration for me it help me 2 how the set up of lights in production,and light naming render passes...lot of thankz again..