Thursday, January 7, 2010

Random Shot Lighting Test

Well, it's 4.25 am right now and I was too lazy to do a proper composite... so I just posted the raw render that mental Ray spat out for me.

I am about to be done rigging Angela's father, and I had this sudden urge of putting him in the set and test out the lighting. As I had expected, I needed to light him separately. So this shot is supposed when he notices some explosion or war stuff going on outside his window and his attention had been caught. I used GI (standard setting I used to render the set previously) and I used separate lights for the character using light linking to give a strong keylight from the right and a slight fill from the left. Also added a backlight to the armchair to pop it out from the background a little more.

Of course in the final shot, there would be ambient occlusion passes and an overall glow and the character would pop out more.

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